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Drive Your Event - Party Venues Phila Area with Golf
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In Conshohocken, Fairways & Dreams is the hole-in-one venue you’re looking for when it comes to hosting an event above par. Our space isn’t just about providing a place; it’s about creating an atmosphere where every event swings into memorable moments.

Why Choose Fairways & Dreams as Your Party Venue?

Our venue is more than just a backdrop; it’s a destination where we tailor every detail to ensure your event is on course for success. From corporate gatherings to milestone birthday parties, Fairways & Dreams infuses each event with a unique blend of fun, sophistication, and top-notch amenities.

A Venue Tailored for Every Occasion

Corporate Events:

Tee up for success with our space that offers a perfect mix of business and leisure. Companies have found our venue ideal for team-building, meetings, and celebrations, thanks to our blend of professional amenities and leisure activities.

Kids Birthday Parties:

Celebrate a child’s birthday with a day filled with joy and excitement. Our simulators and games ensure a whole lot of fun.

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Adult Birthday Parties and Milestones:

Put a spin on adult birthdays and significant life events with our sophisticated yet fun atmosphere.

Meetings and Business Launches:

Chip in your best ideas in a setting that breaks away from the conventional, offering a refreshing change of pace.

Our Facilities: More Than Just Golf

At Fairways & Dreams, our facilities extend well beyond just golf. Experience golf like never before with our state-of-the-art TrackMan-powered simulator bays, perfect for adding a unique ‘swing’ to your event. Whether hosting a casual get-together or an elegant affair, our versatile bar and party area adapt to fit your vision, ensuring your event is always ‘up to par.’ In our fully-equipped catering kitchen, tailor the culinary experience to your preferences, aiming for nothing less than a ‘culinary hole in one.’ And for entertainment beyond the green, we offer TVs for presentations or leisure viewing and a ping pong table for some playful competition, ensuring your event is more than just ‘par for the course.

Plan Your Event with Ease

Ready to make your next event “fantastic”? Contact us at 610-234-6739 to start planning. Whether a small gathering or a large celebration, Fairways & Dreams is equipped to make your event a standout success, ensuring it’s “on the green” every step of the way.