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In the world of indoor golf, Fairways & Dreams stands out not just for its state-of-the-art facilities but also for its innovative approach to membership. With the offerings of Premier and Gold memberships, the center is redefining what it means to be part of an indoor golf community. They tailor these memberships to accommodate the needs and preferences of all golfers, from the casual player to the serious enthusiast.

The Premier Membership: A Flexible Option for the Avid Golfer

The Premier Membership at Fairways & Dreams is for golfers seeking a balance between peak access and flexibility. At an introductory price of $240 for the first month and $180 per month after that, the Premier Membership offers:

  • Six hours of peak time access each month, allowing members to book time during the center’s busiest hours.
  • Unlimited off-peak access, catering to those who prefer quieter times for practice or play.
  • A complimentary Fairways & Dreams hat, symbolizing membership status.
  • The ability to bring guests without additional charges makes sharing the joy of golf with friends and family easy.
  • Full access to the center’s offerings, including the TrackMan bays and other facilities.

The Gold Membership: Unrestricted Access for the Golf Enthusiast


For golfers who demand the utmost in access and flexibility, the Gold Membership, priced at $249 per month, provides:

  • Unlimited access during peak and off-peak times, ensuring members can play whenever they choose.
  • A choice of exclusive Fairways & Dreams hats further distinguishes Gold Members within the community.
  • Guest privileges, allowing members to bring along friends and family at no extra cost.
  • Complete access to all Fairways & Dreams’ facilities, from the TrackMan bays to the lounge area.

Why Choose Fairways & Dreams?

The center’s TrackMan bays offer an unrivaled golfing experience, with accurate simulations that allow for effective practice and enjoyable play. Fairways & Dreams crafted their memberships to provide value and foster a community of golfers who share a passion for the game. The flexibility offered by both membership types ensures that golfers can enjoy the facilities in a way that best suits their schedules. With guest privileges and unlimited access, the memberships offer unparalleled value, making premium indoor golfing experiences more accessible. 

Joining the Fairways & Dreams Family


Becoming a member at Fairways & Dreams is more than just signing up for unlimited golf; it’s an investment in your passion for the game. It’s about joining a community that values flexibility, innovation, and, most importantly, the love of golf. Whether you’re drawn to the Premier Membership’s balance of access and flexibility or the Gold Membership’s promise of unlimited play, Fairways & Dreams is ready to welcome you. 

In a world where golf lovers are often hindered by external factors like weather and time constraints, Fairways & Dreams offers a solution that keeps the spirit of the game alive all year round. Join today and start experiencing the best of indoor golf.