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How Indoor Golf is Revolutionizing the Game

How Indoor Golf is Revolutionizing the Game
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Indoor golf training centers are getting some more attention lately. There has been a sizeable increase in players of the game, especially since COVID. Between the offseason and difficulty reserving tee times, many have flocked to indoor golf training.

There is also the appeal of golf technology which provides feedback and evaluation on every swing. This kind of information can greatly improve anyone’s game out on the green, and who wouldn’t want that? Indoor golf is trending to change the way people think about golf and revolutionize the game. Even Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are investing in virtual courses infused with the latest technology.

Increase in popularity

Golf is a perfect social distancing activity and those who picked up the sport in 2020 have hung on to it creating a higher demand for tee times. Many people have also returned to golf after not having played for a decade or more. Those clubs got dusted off and are back in business! Tee times are a hot commodity which makes indoor golf centers the perfect place to practice regardless of the weather.

Indoor golf practice facilities are popping up across the country in bars, restaurants, hotels, and stand-alone buildings. When looking for a place indoors, it’s a good idea to see if they offer a regular membership and what that entails.

Technology at its finest

Not only are simulators able to let you pick which famous course you want to golf, but you can also receive feedback on your swing, as well as get confirmation of the fit of your new driver. Over the past few years golf technology has really advanced which has allowed this subset of the sport take off. 

At Fairways & Dreams we have six TrackMan golf simulators which are the most powerful and accurate launch monitors ever built. TrackMan’s two radars give you all the information you need. One radar system tracks the club before, during and after impact – including club path and face angle – while the other tracks the full ball flight, from launch to landing – including launch angle, spin rate and curvature. 

With feedback like that, improving your game during the offseason will be much easier and more enjoyable.

Indoor golf leagues are becoming increasingly popular as interest in the sport has picked up. Just because you’re playing inside doesn’t mean you are isolated in your simulation bay. Grab a few friends and get a group together, just like being out on the green. This way no one has to steer the golf cart.

Is indoor golf meant to replace the real thing? Of course not. But it’s a wonderful addition to your practice if the weather isn’t cooperating, you can’t get a tee time, or you want some feedback on your form. Fairways & Dreams has something for every golfer regardless of the reason.