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The Perks of Indoor Golf During the Summer Months

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The sun is finally out and there isn’t a winter jacket in sight! This is the weather we’ve all been waiting for–until the humidity kicks in and temperatures are in the 90’s. For the golf enthusiast getting to hit some balls outside is the dream. But add in the risk of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and sweating through your clothes and it can be less enjoyable than planned.

Finding indoor golf in Montgomery County is the perfect solution to grappling with the weather. There are so many benefits ESPECIALLY during the summer months that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

Temperature Control

Let’s get the best thing out of the way right off the bat: air conditioning. Perfectly crisp, no fluctuations depending on the clouds, and certainly no humidity. You will not sweat through your shirt while using our TrackMan golf simulators by your fourth swing and there is absolutely no risk of heat exhaustion. Air conditioning is a beautiful thing especially when it’s paired with golf.

Focus on your swing and your love of the game instead of the heat. Sweat is a distraction. Our climate controlled air conditioned indoor golf center is not.

Weather is never an issue

Tee times can be hard to come by, so how frustrating is it when you finally schedule one and then it’s pouring rain with thunder and lightning? With indoor golf, weather fluctuations are never a cause for concern. We are open seven days a week rain or shine, which means there’s always an opportunity for you to practice your game and put that weather app away.

Get feedback on your swing in real-time so you can make adjustments right there. Keep your schedule and your day humming along without the weather getting in your way by embracing indoor golf.

Devices welcome

We know that the office might need to come with you, and we know that some calls just can’t wait. Unlike outdoor golf courses, we welcome the use of cell phones and other devices while you play. By having access to your phone, we make it easier for you to get some rounds in during the week without taking a bite out of your workday.

Summer is a wonderful season to enjoy grilling on the patio, going to the pool, and putting the top down on the convertible. But golfing in the heat and being tied to the weather can make it frustrating. That’s why indoor golf near Conshohocken is the best way to enjoy summer AND golf. Air conditioning makes your experience comfortable and enjoyable so you can focus on your swing and not sweat in your eyes. We are open rain or shine so you never miss a tee time based on the weather. You are also welcome to use your cell phone in our facility, so feel free to call your friends who are missing a round of golf and you’re not because you know indoor golf is the best during the summer.